Android Micro Magnetic USB X-Cable

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WSKEN XCable -  The FIRST High Performance Micro USB Magnetic Charging Data Cable  is a cable features with Innovative magnetic  designed  with combination both METAL and MAGNETISM. Reversible type which able user plug into USB port in both direction for charging  purpose more faster. Proper One side direction design for data transfer help minimize our privacy  mobile data or photo from open 

BASED ON OFFICIAL EXPERIMENTAL TEST , it only cost  *100 minutes to full charge for Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Huawei Honor 6, Xiaomi 4 . UNIQUE, SMART. SIMPLE. SPEEDY -  It's become a very enjoyable thing once you own this kind of cable 

  • Uniquely magnetic receiver concept make in 1 second connection
  • Reversible Designed ensure connection between IT Devices (With Micro USB) with Cable more faster for Charging
  • Guarantee to transport Fast Speed up to 2.4A Electric Current for devices
  • Shock-resistance, anti-corrosive quality with CNC craft surface similar as MACBOOK Pro
  • Stability Charging and Consistent Sync Data Speed
  • Bright lights to indicate charging 
  • Able to support synchronize data and charging power for Smartphone& tablets (SAMSUNG, SONY, HUAWEI, XIAOMI. OPPO, ASUS, BLACKBERRY etc), MP3 players, mobile phones, PDA's, digital cameras. 
  • Cable length: 1m

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