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"I believe that Leverage STRENGTH in life to assist each other more important than keep improve weakness. Sometimes something small or insignificant does not mean not important in our life although our time is limited. We can put 99% effort on our expertise to help each other just would like each other have 99% time for the Right thing.
Everyone have their special and expertise BUT Right Thing in Life always is SAME & FREE such as SMILE, FRIEND, FAMILY and other GOOD MEMORIES nothing can be replaced
. That's Only One Reason 
ECENTURY99 here put on our expertise and passionate for Handpick Filter and Simplify Better Choice in order you can save up searching time for a simple yet wonderful digital life." - CindyThian from 


Catering to your requirements, handling your needs

We do not simply sell only, we are a team for attention on personalize optimization so we will prior research,analysis and use before decide to sell in order to ensure the usability accuracy possible & ease after-sales service to consumer. We believe that the only resource that can rival money today is TIME. As a result, “saving time on searching” is often more important than “finding the lowest price” as a reason for shopping online / online searching on reliable gadget which is more practical usability creative design . You still able receive your item during your working hour while you are in your workplace. Besides that, buying online helps you save money on travelling , petrol costs, parking charges, and also saves you the hassle of finding a parking space at those busy shopping malls and commercial areas. Most important part is when you make a purchase online you should be proud of yourself, because you have done your part in helping to reduce the Carbon Footprint (Think Green - Go Green). So Why Not Support the Malaysian E-Commerce Industry and Support Malaysian Online Retailer ? 

ECENTURY99 commitment hand-pick to simplify your choice for innovative and quality useful product in life.

Enjoy your wonderful shopping experience without heavier bag and more confidence on online gadget shopping experience in www.ecentury.com.my which is registered under E CENTURY IT ENTERPRISE (JM0639608-A) in Johor Bahru since 2012