USB Cable

2.1A Round Magnetic X-Cable

Simple but Efficiency. Anyone can operate it out-of-box and focus on what you do.Friendly-Case Magne.....

2.4A Mini2 Magnetic X-Cable

Friendly-Case WSKEN Mini Magnetic Cable WSKEN, Revolution MINI design is small enough to fit most c.....

2IN1 USB Travel Data Cable (iPhone & Android Micro)

Complaint lead a Productivity. Always present your beef in a right way with an idea for improvement,.....

Led Glow Light USB Data Cable

APPLE / ANDROID TYPE C/ Micro USB Fiber cable shines blue led light in the dark makes your cord or.....

Magnetic X-Cable - Only Cable Version
Magnetic X-Cable - Only Cable Version

Extra Magnetic Cable for Charging Anywhere This is only 1 cable without connector for WSKEN Mini2 M.....

TYPE C USB Data Charging Cable IPS-11A

Seenda Type-C to USB-A Braided Charging CableDurable braided nylon coated on cables will endure dail.....

USB 3.0 TYPE C OTG Cable Adapter IPS-11B

SEENDA Aluminum USB 3.0 TYPE C TO USB-A OTG Braided Cable AdapterAluminum SEENDA TYPE C OTG CABLE AD.....

Apple MFI Certified Metal Lightning Cable

WSKEN MFI Certified iPhone Cable WSKEN Apple MFI Certified Metal Lightning Cable ,  Mini C.....

Mini2 Magnetic Connector

A extra Connector for WSKEN Mini2 Cable .....

OTG Power Share M-Cable

The WSKEN range of high current cables allows rapid recharging of your USB devices. This OTG cable m.....

Android Micro Magnetic USB X-Cable

WSKEN XCable -  The FIRST High Performance Micro USB Magnetic Charging Data Cable  is a ca.....

Apple Lightning Magnetic USB X-Cable

WSKEN APPLE LIGHTNING X-CABLE -  a first version cable features with Innovative magnetic design.....

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